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Bienvenue à la Pommeraie

With your help this property in the middle of Normandy will soon become a residence for artists, an extension of our ministry to artists in Paris.

Steve and Miki THRALL

We have been involved in ministry in Paris since March 1988.

During the last 10 years our primary role has been with artists and the Paris arts community.

Our goal is to care for, encourage and accompany artists both in their art and their spiritual growth.

We want to provide:
- a place to receive creatively gifted people who work in a wide variety of artistic disciplines.
- a warm, welcoming environment where they can find rest and restoration physically, spiritually and emotionally.
- an environment where artists will find encouragement and time to reflect.
- a place that incites them to use their imagination and God-given creative gifts to produce new work.

The property


The property of the La Pommeraie (the Apple Orchard) sits on 2.5 acres of land surrounded by small farms on all sides.
There are three existing buildings:


La Bergerie

A thatched roof guesthouse which can house 2 to 5 people.


La Chaumière

A traditional Norman thatched roof farmhouse built in the early 1700’s. This house would become our home from which we would welcome guests.


La Grange

"La Grange" is a converted barn wich can house 2 to 7 people.



La bergerie


"La Bergerie" is a thatched roof guesthouse, which can house 2 to 5 people. 

 It has a living room and a kitchen on the ground floor with a bathroom and two bedrooms upstairs. 

La chaumière


"La Chaumière" is a traditional Norman thatched roof farmhouse built in the early 1700’s. 

It has a kitchen, two bedrooms, two and half baths, and a living /dining room with a vaulted ceiling. It also has a mezzanine, which is used as a reading room...

This house would become our home from which we would welcome guests.

La grange


"La Grange" is a converted barn which includes a kitchen, suitable for groups and meeting/work-room on the ground floor, a bedroom and larger dormitory room with five beds on the upper floor, along with a bathroom with a shower. 

It can house 2 to 7 people.

The land


The land is approximately 2.5 acres. It is flat and very well maintained. The property sits on a small country road 3 miles from the highway and 7 miles from the train station on a main line from Paris. Travel time is 1.5 hours by train and 2 hours by car coming from Paris.

The land has fruit trees, shrubs and flowers, and a small man-made pond. It also has three shower/toilet units for those who want to camp in the summer.  

The modifications and upgrades were all completed in the past four years in order to welcome church groups for weekend retreats.  


  • Most of the furniture will come with the property.
  • The property already has income from church group retreats that we hope to continue to make the financial transition easier.
  • Normandy is very desirable destination for Parisians.
  • It is less than an hour drive to the ocean.
  • The property is seven miles from a town with a train station, a hospital, doctors, stores and an open market twice a week on an historic street
  • We are encouraged by interest in this project from the French Christian community and the artist community in Paris.
  • It will be an extension of the arts ministry we have been involved with for the past 10 years.

To purchase



  • The purchase price                                            370,000 euros
  • Closing costs (primarily tax on the sale)                25,000 euros

There will be no agency fees since we are buying it directly from the owner.

We are creating a French SCI (Société Civile Immobilière), which is a real-estate investment company whose sole purpose is the purchase and management or property. The main reasons for an SCI under French law are:

  • To allow purchase of the property by multiple persons;
  • To provide stability and continuity in the ownership and management of family property;
  • To facilitate the transfer and ownership of property;
  • To avoid the constraints of French inheritance laws;
  • To create tax advantages;
  • To protect the family home from business creditors.



La Pommeraie

For more information please contact:
Steve and Miki THRALL
48 Rue de Lille
75007 Paris

Home phone: +33 1 40 15 03 93
Steve’s cell phone: +33 6 27 94 44 37
Miki’s cell phone +33 6 21 66 14 65